To Renew your membership, click here.

By completing the membership renewal process you affirm the following:

- I have put my faith in Jesus Christ for my salvation.
- I have been baptized.
- I am committed to becoming more like Jesus, and will support the Wesleyan Church with my prayers, presence, gifts, and service.
- I will support and follow the teachings of the Wesleyan Church.**

Why renew?

In the General Conference of the Wesleyan Church in 2016, the greater Wesleyan Church voted to adopt an annual membership renewal process. The goal of this is to allow members to reaffirm their local church membership on an annual basis and to elevate membership as an important step in discipleship.

As a member of ALIVE Wesleyan Church, you will have the opportunity to vote at church conference and will be eligible for leadership roles. You will also be able to transfer this membership to any Wesleyan Church.

Who should renew?

The Membership Renewal Process is for those who have gone through a Discovery Class, transferred membership from another church, and have already joined ALIVE. All members will need to complete the renewal process each year.

If you would like to join for the first time or learn more about how to join, please contact Pete Wood at

Also if you go through the membership process and decide you’re not ready to join or if you decide you will not renew your membership you are loved and welcomed here at ALIVE.

**For further explanation on the teachings of the Wesleyan Church, follow the links below:

Articles of Religion

Core Values of the Wesleyan Church

The Discipline