When We Meet: EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT FROM 6:30-8:00 PM (6:00 PM Prayer Time: Everyone Welcome)

We exist to encourage a young generation to zealously pursue Jesus Christ, take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth and to address real issues that students face each day. How do we do that? By meeting youth where they are in their lives, in their language, and modeling Christian living. Through worship and conversation, we explore our faith and equip the youth with what it takes to live a Christ-filled life. We have a goal to bring young people together in a life of faith, action and fellowship, and to address spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to youth.

What Our Nights Look Like: Our normal schedule is to have a short hang-out time for the first few minutes to promote fellowship and community. After this, we go into a message to teach our students how to live an evangelistic and Biblical lifestyle. Finally, we have group game time to increase our team dynamic. 

Want to Visit? Fill out the form below to schedule your visit, or simply stop on by. We would love to see you and adopt you into our youth group family!

Youth Pastor